Why am I here? Whenever I start to think about starting a new blog I get stuck here. I feel compelled to explain why I’m here. However, since I don’t have an easy, clear,  simple answer to that question I’ll just ignore it for now and introduce you to the whats of this space!

What am I doing here? I’m sewing. Talking about sewing, actually. I love sewing. All kinds of sewing. If I can think of a way to fix a problem by sewing, I will. Currently I’m finishing three small quilts and one large quilt, I’m designing a new wallet for myself and learning how to make my own clothes patterns using Cal Patch’s book “Design It Yourself Clothes.”  I have approximately 873 more projects in the queue and, oh, I crochet too and will share those endeavors too (a pair of socks and a cardigan currently).

I plan to do more than show photos and brag (just a little), what I hope this becomes is a place to share my experiences, what I learned, what worked and what didn’t and invite you to join me in a thoughtful dialogue of stitching.  I promise not to make posts too long and I promise to include meaningful links and lots of practical photos.

On the left side here you’ll see some links to books, reviews, tutorials and other articles of interest.  I plan to keep those fresh and new so there’s something interesting to follow every time you visit. I will also “tweet.” You can follow me, @sewshaz, on twitter or just check out the latest tweet here. I will be posting photos to my flickr account as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by! See you soon!