Ok, now it’s really done. Dad took the kids out shopping this afternoon so I could get some sewing done. I cranked up the tunes and got to work! Here’s a shot of that wonderful minky. Might have to make myself one too.

On the left we have the walking foot, on the right the standard foot. Seriously, who ya gonna choose?

Ok, so I’m not a real fan of stitching in the ditch, here’s one example where the needle ended up in or at least near the ditch. Most of the time it looks like I was drunk while I was stitching. Sometimes this is true. But not today. However, the minky just stretches and warps too much to do the free motion stuff. So. There.

So here’s the back you can see the quilting pretty well here, nothing fancy. You can see the minky sagging but who cares. I don’t and I don’t think Sarah will. By the time she’s old enough to notice I’ll have made her a really freakin’ awesome quilt. She won’t even remember this one. Right?

Finally, the quilt. 38″ x 42″. Why? That’s how much fabric I had. No other reason.

A gratuitous photo. The recipient, Sarah, knows exactly what to do. Grab quilt, put thumb in mouth. Repeat.

Her sister, Ellen, is no slouch either.