This was an “idea” (panic attack) I had after reading that you should not put your children in their car seats with their coats on. “Really?” I asked. Yeah. Really.

You know that part in your car seat owner’s manual where they mention something about bulky clothes being inappropriate (read your owner’s manual)? Yeah. They mean that big fluffy down coat your darling child wears when it’s 2 freakin’ degrees out, you have to walk a block to get to your car because you live in the city and the car ride to preschool isn’t long enough to melt the three inches of snow off the hood never mind warming up the car but the 20 minute walk to preschool is unthinkable. “Really, no coat?” I asked.

It didn’t help that we were in the middle of a ferocious cold snap and I had a lot of driving to do. So I quickly gathered my wits and what I’d learned from a previous Quilt Guild meeting (from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr no less) about a quilt batting that was warmer. Warmer Than Down. and set out to make my two little girls their own car blankets. Not quilts. Technically, yes,  quilts.  These had to be dragged in the mud, dropped in the street, caught in the door, spilled on, puked on, pooped on. “No, we’re not bringing the blankets your gramma crocheted for you.” No.  We needed something better. And we needed it fast!

While Sarah napped one afternoon Ellen and I whipped out the Accuquilt picked our favorite fabrics and cut out a pile of squares. I figured this was the easiest way to go. Seriously, accurately cut squares all sewn together, with their points matching would be great! And Ellen could help. Except, for some reason, the die I was using was not cutting perfect little squares as promised. I noticed this about half way through and found that one of the die’s blades had come loose and was now askew. But I couldn’t just stop there, I had the 3yo engaged, we were having fun! Fine then, wonky squares that don’t line up and look like I cut them myself, so be it.

And then the quilting. What to do. Stitching in the ditch was out, too irritating for me, and why not make a statement. Take the stitching out of the ditch so everyone can see? I think it’s funny. I think I’m funny.

And forget about a “proper” binding. That adds at least 6 months to the time it takes me to finish a quilt. So topstitching it is.

Oh, right, they both need their names on ’em too. No, not hand embroidering that, my machine will sew on letters too. Ellen had fun helping me spell out the names.

Now here we are with two cute little blankies for the car (stroller, picnics in summer, travel on the plane) made in less than a week. Phew! We always bundle up when it’s cold, then unbundle once we get to the car. I’m usually late anyway, what’s another five minutes?

PS. I’m not linking every blessed sewing term here because I don’t think the internet is the best place to find all this info. I’ve added a link up on the right there to my go-to sewing reference book. What’s your favorite sewing/crochteing/crafting/cooking reference?