This poor quilt. It’s my fault. I was so excited about quilting way back in 2007 when I learned about quilting and caught the bug. I didn’t know what kind of quilter I was. I am not a quilter who buys the fabric before she knows what she’s going to do with it. I am a quilter who likes to plan ahead, start a project and then finish it. In that order. If only I’d known. I picked up these amazing Jane Sassman prints, 1/2 yd each, and thought I will do “something” with them, they’re gorgeous. Really. I LOVE these fabrics. At the same time I had also purchased some Heather Bailey Freshcut, Martha Negley Fruits and Florals and Vegetables and some Kaufman Bohemian Rhapsody. These were all meant to be separate projects (how foolish!). And the Sassman was the last on my list. I needed some time to figure this one out. My biggest problem was that I didn’t have enough fabric (plan ahead!). By the time I got around to working on this quilt I felt obligated to make “something” out of it but I was hemmed in by my lack of yardage. Ok, so what’s so terrible about this quilt?

It’s not square.

No, it’s a rectangle.

Yes, but those corners are not 90 degrees, that’s what I’m saying.

I still hadn’t learned to cut fabric correctly (I’m still learning).  Some of the “blocks” aren’t very interesting, I should have fussy cut them at least. Then there’s the quilting. You can stitch in the ditch, but what about all that leftover space? Have to free-motion it. Have to. Have to. Have to. Ugh. Also, still learning that. So this poor quilt sat and sat and sat. And sat some more. Until it was the only one left (almost).  This quilt and I sat down together, had a talk and made a plan. I quilted each panel a little differently, wavy lines for the trees and hills, swirls for the swirly flowers, a big round stipple for the nuts and leaves, broken glass for the stained glass leaves, fern leaves for the fern leaves (below), and I outlined the veins on the triangle leaves, now the flowers look like they’re floating (trust me).  I am very proud of my ideas! Not so proud of the execution which is why you only get one little shot of my quilting. Giggle if you must. The best part of getting this old quilt out was Ellen. Who, upon noticing it under a pile of stuff on my sewing table ran to me and asked if it was a quilt for her.

You want that quilt?


Ok. It’s yours.

Which makes me happy because now the fabrics will be around and I can admire them and I can stop feeling so bad about that quilt. Because somebody does love it.

Next up: That mysterious and eye chattering fabric in the background of many of my photos? Ah yes, the One Block Wonder using Valori Wells’ Sole that has been hanging on our wall, in pieces, for about 8 months now. Seams must align. Seams must align. Stay tuned.