WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
A ha! A place for all my WIP’s (works in progress. Yes, plural. No, it’ll never be in the singular). Just admitting this in writing is therapy enough! Maybe these projects will really get done! Whoo Hoo! Then I can start some more!

Bottled Rainbows , a quilt-along going on over at Stitched in Color. I’ve gotten this far, my first block. Maybe tonight I’ll clutter it all up. Wheeeeee!

One Block Wonder, must be rescued from the “design wall.”

Also on deck:

Photo quilt-thing to be framed and hung on wall, remind us what we look like. I started this last year and it’s finally coming together but now I need more of the printable fabric. Boo Hoo, I have to go shopping.

Crocheted Socks, “Honeycomb” from Interweave, if I could just finish one I’d be happy. (sorry last time I tried to photo this one I ripped out a few rows, will have to wait until they’re done).

Crocheted Cardigan, “Boho Blocks” from Interweave,  making one freakin’ square, of the 94 required, would be nice. (also no photos, so far it’s one square and a pile of yarn).

Whew! Boy howdy do I feel better, good to get all that off my chest. Now if I can just make some progress before all that fabric I just ordered arrives….hehhehhheh

ps. And a bag w/ French seams that does not want to cooperate. It may need a time-out.