Whew! Once I got started on (finishing) this quilt top, I just couldn’t stop (a One Block Wonder, OBW, using Valori Wells’ Fresh Paisley from her Sole line). So it’s done. For now. I will quilt it later. Maybe this Fall. I’m super happy about how it came out, I learned a lot (always follow the instructions, mostly), and I’m happy to be on to other things now. I have realized that I am not really happy when I’m doing big objects like this. I need little projects, things that I can finish in a week. There’s so much I want to try, learn, explore and experiment with that I’ve found I need to work within a smaller plane.  What I’m going to try is just making a block or two of a pattern I like and Quilt As I/You Go (QAYG). Why can’t I just sew 10-15 apple cores together, quilt them up and enjoy them (and what I learned)? For me, for now, that’s what I need. With that in mind here are my “Works In Progress,” hosted by Freshly Pieced:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

The paper pieced “Lazy Daisy” from Valori Wells’ Radiant New York Beauties. I’ve wanted to try this for so long, I have a pink one in mind, maybe I’ll get to this purple one too.

The Photoquilt object. Now that the OBW quilt is done I need to hang something up on our bare walls.

I don’t know yet, but I just got some yardage of Valori Wells’ Nest. I think the bird on top is going to receive some embroidery and bead embellishment at the very least.

This little bird and bunch of his/her friends will grace a new skirt, using Cal Patch’s book, Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified. For me. Hehhehhe. More Valori Wells, her Jenaveve linen line.*

I’m also going to get a start on my purple Bottled Rainbows. I think I’ll do two. I like purple, btw. And I’m not using the sanctioned colors, I’m pulling what I have from my stash so instead of colors like “pumpkin” and “plum” I have “orange” and “grape.” It’s a fine line, I suppose.

And I need a wallet. Holy cow.  I made one a while back, just to see if I could, and I couldn’t and what it is now is so completely unworkable that I must get back to fixing that problem. So, I’m making a little bag from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches in which I will include some pockets or something. This one is a real priority.

So my neat little piles are all ready to go. Tomorrow. Hopefully. Thanks for stopping by!

*what’s with all the Valori Wells? Well, ok, so I was at my local fabric shop, which is a fine shop, but she does not carry any Valori Wells. When I asked her why not, well, I didn’t get what I thought was a great response. Fine, you can’t carry everything, but really? When I got home I was so worked up I went directly to the computer and ordered a small fortune worth of her lovely work. I’ve traded my yoga classes for fabric to give you some idea how serious I am. 😉 But I digress, yes I do like lots of other fabric designers, but Valori Wells is one of my faves.