Whoops? It’s Thursday, right? I did actually accomplish a few little things this week, but didn’t manage to blog about them on Wednesday. Sanity is returning to our household as the weather slowly begins to warm up and our winter colds recede, so, let’s get on with it:

The mini origami bag from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches, put together while a certain 3yo very patiently waited while mom inserted a zipper that was too small, used the wrong kind of interfacing then forgot to make  the gussets in the lining.  But it works and now I have a wallet of sorts.  Which makes me very happy. Oh, and do you like the placement of the tab there on the left? Super useless, next time I’ll measure it. Really.

I currently have no purpose for this in mind, I keep calling it a “shattered flower.”  It came to me as I was working on my bottled rainbows so I expect to finish it much like that, perhaps some beading and embroidery? Hmmmm…

The first of four blocks for my Lazy Daisy from Valori Wells’ New York Beauties. I’m super excited for this get done, it’ll likely occupy much of my time this week. Wheeeeeeee!

I love me some thread. This just arrived from Laura Wasilowski’s Artfabrik shop. She hand dyes thread and fabric and makes the most wonderful fused art. I am a devoted follower of her “Thread-u-cation Thursdays.” This project I will save for a quiet evening. Soon.

Then we made cupcakes. Rosewater cupcakes with green almond frosting.  No, the almonds weren’t green. Ellen got to choose the color of the frosting, I chose the flavor. And, honestly, I think I used too much rosewater in the cupcakes because the almond was totally lost. Nevertheless they were awesome and gone within 24 hours.

Sometimes you have to stop sewing and eat.

It occurred to me while I was photographing the little bag that my ironing board is in desperate need of a new, more eye-catching, cover. So we’ll just add that to the list. And I forgot last week that I also have this photo thing I’m making.

Ongoing Projects:

QuiltsBottled Rainbows, Lazy Daisy Block, OBW (quilt & bind), Bohemian Rhapsody (bind)

Clothes: Skirt, crochet socks and cardigan

Misc: fused shattered flower, french seam bag, photo thing, ironing board cover

Stats: New: 1      Complete: 1      In Progress: 10

I’m sure there will be more cupcakes!