Last week I decided to tackle one of my most formidable challenges. No, not that quilt. No, not that other quilt. Ugh, no, not that pair of pants or the skirt. For the love of Christ I am NOT going to finish the paper piecing either. Sheesh.



I wimped out and made a little cozy for my crochet hooks.

There, are you happy now?

I also used it as an excuse to learn how to use photoshop filters.




I don’t remember what this one was called.


Sandstone, and here I came to rest. Not only because this was one of the last filters, but, ok yes because it was one of the last filters and I had to go to bed.

Aren’t they cute all lined up like that. I even had enough foresight to include extra pockets for my MIA hooks.

Nigh’ Night.