I’ve been meaning to try out Malka Dubrawsky’s improvisational piecing method.  Once everyone in the house had been sick, recovered, relapsed and then finally healed I had my chance.  Ms. Dubrawsky’s blog is an endless source of inspiration for me, she not only works on quilting but sews all kinds of things and she dyes her own fabric. I love that. So I was delighted when her book came out and went to work on my Zen sewing skills.


What I really love about this practice is that I can’t really do it wrong.  What I learned about my scraps, however, is that they are not wonky enough. There are too many straight lines here. I will have to practice some more.  I did find that this would make a fabulous window blind, a la Kaffe Fassett’s “Jewel Squares Blind” but without the fuss.  Image

So there you have it. A very relaxing way to use up some treasured scraps.