Holy cow was this one a long time in coming. Let me start at the beginning. After Sarah was born, 2 years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to learn how to sew my own clothes. I had my brand spanking new copy of Cal Patch’s book “Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified” and I had even read through it already. My post-partum body, however, did not think it was such a good idea and refused to cooperate. So after a few failed attempts I shelved the book, knowing that one day things would be different.

It took two years. Things aren’t really that different, I’m just getting more sleep. Thankfully Valorie Wells’ Jenaveve linen came along last year and it all but requires you use it to make a skirt. So bound and determined to make an article of clothing for myself I set out a few weeks ago with tape measure in hand.

Don’t be silly, I did not measure myself.

Ok, I tried and it totally did not work. So then I took measurements from my favorite clothes which worked much better. I got the first muslin all put together and could not believe that it actually fit. It wasn’t perfect but now I had a solid start. So a few more tweaks, a little swing, another muslin and BAM! I have a pattern. Just for me. It fits ME! Me, me, me, me, me!

Let me repeat that,

I have a pattern.

I know it fits. I can make dozens of them and they will all fit me. Then it snowed, but I was not deterred. So I skipped downstairs to my “studio” pulled out that lovely linen and….and….And…..AND! Are you kidding me? Why did I only buy a yard? For a skirt? For ME? Am I crazy?

Still undeterred, I proceeded to draft the pattern pieces necessary to piece the technically enough but not really enough fabric together so I’d have a whole skirt. I also managed to keep the front of the skirt intact and the back looks plausible if you don’t dwell on it too long. Look, a birdie!

Finally, as I was putting on the finishing touches I managed to stitch through my left index finger, breaking the needle into about one thousand pieces, a fair number of which lodged themselves in my finger. After my own attempts at surgery failed I did finally go to my doctor (who would like me to head to the ER the next time this happens) and so it took another week before I could finish it and wear it. It did stop snowing, thankfully.

Next up, a car and train skirt for Ellen!