The shop is open! Hooray! Now what? I know that all this may seem a little confusing. Like the shop’s name is “Sewshaz” but there’s nothing in it (yet) that’s sewn. Should I only include things that are sewn? Maybe. But. I don’t wanna? Is that ok? I hope it is.

Recap of this week:
Get cards printed. I went to my local art shop, Pygmalion’s to inquire more earnestly about what type of papers might be best for my intentions. The very helpful and patient staff directed me to the Stonehenge cover. It’s smoother than the Arches but still has that gorgeous feel that I can’t quite describe, it simply must be experienced (I’m very tactile, this partially explains why paper and fabric are competing interests for me).

Toothfairy purse. Make it. It occurred to me in the middle of the night that the Toothfairy isn’t very big. So, if this is going to be convincing, the toothfairy purse must be fairy sized, I reasoned.  Designing this was kind of fun. I didn’t plan too much in advance, I just started cutting fabric. The first iteration, needless to say, required a few tweaks. Like, if you’re going to sew two pieces of fabric right-sides together with the intention of turing them right side out, well you have to leave an opening.  Yeah, I knew that, I just forgot. Small details like that tend to get lost in the excitement of the moment. I was quite pleased with my solution for a closure, a little pearl bead. It was somewhat toothlike and quite pretty. Ellen thought it was great, she came running back into the office to ask me to sew it right back on after she chewed it off. She was somewhat upset when I offered we find another solution, she liked the bead too. There will be no bead. Now I’m thinking I might embroider a little tooth on it and not worry about actually fastening it shut. I also like the potential this project has to showcase smaller print fabrics (read: I guess I have some fabric shopping to do!).

Open Shop. Yes, I had promised myself that I would open my shop, one way or another on February 1st. That date was set arbitrarily and without any consultation with reality. So while all the parts are working there’s still a lot of work to do. Marketing! SEO! State Tax ID! Networking! Workflow! Stats! Making stuff? So I’m also on close personal terms with my local public library and probably read way too many books about making your shop a success. While all those exclamations are important and I will get to some of them eventually, right now I just want to focus on making stuff. I’m still working out the details of “what” I’m doing, the “how” will just have to wait.

Work out some of the details of “what” I am doing. Yeah. So that’s tricky. What I want to do is sell bundles of fabric designed by moi and give you lots of good ideas for things you can do with that fabric. This topic will occupy most of my time this coming week. Stay tuned!

And now for a gratuitous cat photo: