Last week I got caught up in Project Quilt (read more here).  I didn’t mean for it to take over everything else, but obviously it did. I meant to make something smaller. I meant to keep it simple. I also did not manage to finish before the deadline. I did finish though and one little girl now proudly displays it on her bed. So in the end it was all worth it.


The idea behind this quilt was “it is not Spring yet. I need it to be Spring. We need flowers.” If I’d given myself more time to finish this quilt there would have been tons more embroidery. The challenge for the week was to draw inspiration from Annie Young’s work.  Her art work has lots of texture. Embroidery can do that for a quilt. I liked the idea of just outlining simple shapes with a stitch that had a lot of feel to it. That is as specific a description as I can manage. 😉


I did a machine binding this time, I usually prefer to hand sew them. I’m now convinced that hand sewing is better. I will also set a size limit in the future, I’m thinking 8″x10″ or 10″x10″, that I think I can do in a week (this quilt was 40″x40″). What really got me going on this project was that I would use some of my favorite fabrics, scraps that I’ve been holding onto for ages now have a place in our house.  There are cats stalking the bird too, so there’s some drama.

My plan for this week and next is to catch up, keep up, and make more plans. Hurrah!