Just before we left for Boston last weekend I got a comment on my blog from the woman who runs the “Project Quilt” challenge. I had linked back to her site, assuming that no one but me checks those things, but she followed me back here and asked me to enter my quilt anyway, she’d feature it on her blog with the other quilts! I was beside myself, mostly because I have low self esteem and assume I am invisible. Whoops, did I share too much there? Sorry! Anywhoo, it gave me a big boost and has helped me get through this past week of zero crafty-ness. I have plans, just not enough hands. Here we are on Monday, I’ve finally got to check back on her blog (she listed me here), and as soon as I sat down I promised I would not do another challenge this week, nope, I have too many things to catch up on! I have to learn how to sew a pleat, that could take all week. But then I saw this weeks challenge. Stars. And it took me all of 20 seconds to decide exactly (mostly) what I plan on doing. So here we go again! Things I did actually accomplish are a skirt for Sarah (finally I got the buttons sewn on), and I picked up some yarn and circular needles so I can knit the girls some cute hats (those should be done by next Fall). This week I have a star quilt to make, a pattern to finish writing, color palettes to choose and photo of a daisy to manipulate. And a pleated skirt to make! And two skirts for myself! Don’t I need a new shirt too? Where’s that pattern book? Wish me luck!

1-DSC_0474 Yarn for hats, I WILL learn how to knit!

1-DSC_0479 Skirts for Mom, I am so tired of winter and pants!

1-DSC_0466 More gratuitous cats.