So a day or two after my post on Monday I decided to check in with the Project Quilting folks and see what everyone was up to. I was amazed to see so many projects had been finished already?! Then I checked the due date. Yup, they had been due the previous Sunday. Apparently I had missed that detail. Which was all fine and good since my children were visited by the plague this past week. We think it’s a viral ear infection that I hope is going away, but it left my youngest unable to eat for 2.5 days. “TWO AND A HALF DAYS!” I almost shouted at their doctor (who I like). They’re on meds now and everyone feels a lot better.

Now the project I had planned was inspired by a song, “Great Big Stars” from the Music Together Collections (listen to other songs here). The incipit is “Great big stars, way up a yonder” and we sing it mostly in the bath when I need the kids to look up while I rinse soap out of their hair. It’s a hit here and appreciated for its practical use. I wanted a way to preserve that tune fabrically (of course it’s a word) and ran to my copy of “Radiant New York Beauties” by Valori Wells.  The patterns are all paper pieced which is great for precision, not so great if you’re in a hurry. My plan was to get that one quarter of a block done (it’s not), embroider “great big stars” and some more stars, quilt and bind, finito! Of course now I’m not in a rush. 1-DSC_0498Now when I opened up Valori’s book this fell out (unfinished).  This is the lazy daisy and is my favorite pattern in the whole book. Also not in a rush to finish, but at least I know where it is now. 😉
On the bright side I did manage (while kids watched movies/napped) to make some progress. My pattern is ready to be tested, I knitted two rounds on the hats, and I think I understand pleats now. My fabric designs are languishing though, they do really require hours of uninterrupted time which I’m unlikely to get for a few more days. Onward!

(I am patiently waiting for the next Project Quilting post, more on that tomorrow!)