The PQ challenge for this week was to open a print publication to pg. 28 and draw inspiration from that page. I had just received my new Yoga Journal and decided to take a chance and hope it wouldn’t be an advertisement.

1-DSC_0532Boy, did I luck out. On page 28 of the current YJ is a short article by Sara Bernard about Manjari Sharma and her Darshan Project. I can’t do her project justice here, so follow the links to find out more. What struck me in the article was her translation of the word darshan as “an experience that ignites an understanding of the spiritual realm.”

For me personally that experience lies in our connection to each other and to the earth. I don’t want to muddy things up with a lot of words here so I’ll just present my offering.

1-DSC_0477Don’t laugh, too much. It’s my first double wedding ring. I need some practice. I did have an epiphany concerning the alignment of seams and once I work out some details and practice I will tell you all about it.