WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It’s been a while! Almost two years actually, um, this is the last time I posted and, um, no, none of those projects are done, we were still in Chicago and I haven’t made those cupcakes in a long time!

Here’s the round-up of works-in-progress:

My “Great Big Stars” wall quilt for the kids, started for Project Quilting, just needs some hand quilting and some binding that I should be able to manage while watching episodes of Downton Abbey. I have some catching up to do.1-DSC_0501

This little purse is for a little girl whose teeth will soon start to fall out. She’ll need something special for the Tooth fairy. Seriously, this will take me all of 10 minutes to finish and yet it’s sat for more than a week neglected.


These triangles are bound for Kaffe Fassett’s “Earthy Mitered Squares” quilt from “Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.” I have 15 or so different stripey fabrics to cut up and sew, this is No. 3. All I want to accomplish this week is to get these triangles sewn into squares. That’s all! They have also been sitting around waiting for more than two months or more than that, I really can’t remember now when I cut them.


This one is a little less embarrassing if more guilt ridden. I’m doing the pleated skirt there for Ellen (I did finish Sarah’s skirt!) but since the weather’s been too cold and we’ve all been sick, this one has languished a bit too long. I did sort out, finally, just how to do the pleats. There’s nothing quite like having a good sewing reference or two on the shelf when the pattern’s instructions seem indecipherable.


And last but not least, something new. Recently conceived and cut, this little lady and some of her friends are destined to lug around at least a few of the contents of my purse. 1-DSC_0499

Now, here’s the bin of wips. I also just noticed/admitted to myself that the large decorative basket on my table here is also filled with wips. So each week I am going to pick at least one thing out of the bin/basket to work on. It may not get finished, we’re just looking for progress.