WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Here we go!
From last week:

Great big stars mini quilt: No progress, but there’s a good reason!

Toothfairy purse: Done, and another one made.

Earthy Mitered Squares: Done!

Ellen’s pleated skirt: Done!

My fairy wallet: Done!

Ok now for the “good reason” that the great big stars miniquilt was ignored…..
My sewing machine is broken! Huh? Bear with me here. That mini quilt really just needs some hand quilting, when I realized despairingly that my machine wasn’t going to get better (it doesn’t have the flu, unfortunately), I decided I needed to focus on the things I could sew with it before I took it in to the shop. Currently the wait is 3 weeks. Since I’ll need all the handwork I can find to keep myself busy in the interim I thought leaving that one for later would be best. It makes sense, right? Doesn’t really matter, though.

What’s coming up this week?

1. Yeah, yeah, that miniquilt…

2. Some knitting, a winter hat just in time?

3. Some crocheting, I keep seeing these great crocheted flowers chained together all over Pinterest and I thought they’d make a lovely headband…

4. Some fusing, a flower portrait a la Jean Wells/Laura Wasilowski for the last PQ challenge, phlox, for harmony. We could all use a little more harmony (yes, that’s the sound of my kids fighting over plastic food in the background).

5. Some applique

5. And some pattern making, skirts for Spring, so I’ll be ready when the machine returns!

6. Back to my fabric designs on Spoonflower, not for sale yet. Soon, I hope.

7. And some book binding, for flower fairy books.

Ok, so obviously I’ve planned too many things to finish, but progress is what I’m looking for. Just progress.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced