Today the all mighty weather people have declared “There Will Be Snow.” So we’re waiting for that. I’ve got a whole list of things the kids and I can do to keep us busy, especially if school is cancelled tomorrow, but for now we’re just waiting. We’re all kind of hoping the snow doesn’t happen because we’re all ready for Spring and flowers and warmth. So we’re waiting.

For this week’s PQ Challenge we were to celebrate Spring. Flowers. Duh. What else is there? It’s all that’s on my mind. We’ll be planting our seeds in a couple more weeks, sunflowers, poppies, cone flowers and some tall purple thing and I can hardly stand the wait! But I did have an idea….

A few weeks ago I read a book, recommended by this awesome blogger, called “The Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It was such a good read, I was captivated from start to finish. One of those books you sacrifice sleep for. I loved the idea of sending messages in flowers and I love even more growing a garden with meaning. Obviously I can’t have this garden all year, I don’t live in Santa Barbara anymore (sigh), so during those winter months it must come inside in fabric form. Obviously.

So combining inspiration from Jean Wells’ “Portraits from Nature” and Laura Wasilowski’s fusing fabulousness I give you…

Phlox: Harmony (6″ x 6″)
It’s not anywhere close to being done. And I wish I could plan on sitting quietly in my rocker sipping tea and sewing while the snow blows outside our window and the kids play happily.

But that is not my life.

My life has a lot more in common with this Mom than it does with Laura Ingalls. Undeterred though I shall continue with this project so by next winter we’ll have our indoor “sentiment garden” and can start planning our outdoor version.

What would you like to grow in your garden?
(hint: check out this Wikipedia article for flower meanings that may or may not be accurate)