Disclaimer: You’re going to have to follow the links for pretty pictures, I’m sorry I don’t have any this week. They’re all in my head.

These days it’s hard to find the path. We are in the home stretch of a very long wait, wondering where we’ll be living next Fall. The possibilities are all exciting, but for now we have to wait. Which means, for me, lots of daydreaming. Wondering “what if?” all day long keeps me from really focusing on the present.  So off I ramble….

My fabric swatches came from Spoonflower yesterday! I don’t like them, entirely.  I don’t really know how to properly choose colors. At all. I spent some time at the Design Seeds website drooling over color palettes and then learned how to create a color swatch from a photo in Photoshop, but all I can imagine is wouldn’t our new (completely hypothetical) kitchen look great in those colors? No, we haven’t looked at houses. Don’t even know which city we’ll be living in. But that’s where my mind goes. I’m not even the decorating type, I have not hung one thing on the walls of our current house. Yet, this is where I am and since there’s nothing to do but wait here’s the board I started on pinterest just for this…

Then there are the sentiment gardens. What am I doing planning gardens? But nevermind….:

Garden One (of course I will have more than one garden): Words to live by.

Dahlia – Gratitude

Thyme – Courage

Elderberry – Compassion

Forget-me-not – Hope

Violet – Humility

Sweet Marjoram – Joy

Gardenia – Peace

Creeping Jennie – Forgiveness

Other gardens will include….

Garden of Love: roses and roses and roses (red, pink & white), probably climbing roses….like the rose tunnel at Pt. Defiance (sorry I couldn’t find any good photos!).

Garden of Whimsy: clematis, peony, chrysanthemum, sweet-william, coral bells, corn flowers, pink tulips, sweet phlox, lemon balm, hyacinth, bells of Ireland

Garden of Welcome: Pineapple mint, Wisteria, Stonecrop, lemon scented geranium, comfrey, lavender

Garden of Health: delphinium, parsley, fennel, garlic, hops, feverfew

Garden of Mourning: rosemary, calendula, marigold, gerbera daisy, primrose, yarrow, yew, sage

The Children’s Garden: dirt, shovels, buckets, the hose. (this one is already set up)

and last but not least

a Fairy Garden

True day dreams. I don’t even know if all of these can really grow near each other…I’ve been day dreaming, not researching. I expect I will spend some of this week working out my color issues, a little time making more boards on pinterest, a few hours sewing and knitting, and lots of time day dreaming….;) Happy Spring, Easter & Passover!