Again, here we are and I don’t have any photos for you! Sorry!

Here look at someone else’s photos.

I’m not linking up to WIP Wednesday because as far as creative work goes I am completely paralyzed. I think part of the problem is my MIA sewing machine, usually I can keep my hands busy stitching when I’m feeling funky. Knitting, crochet and embroidery don’t cut it, they take too long and are too repetitive. There I said it. I love those arts, but I really need to sew.  With my machine.

So off we ramble….

I was digging through the deisgn-seeds  website more and more trying to figure out just what she was doing. And how. I’ve been working off the notion that somehow working with color will require coaxing my computer to agree with my eyes. I’ve felt like there should be some way to use this computer machine to make color work. But it can’t, it won’t, it’s not able. My eyes are the only appropriate tool here. This realization helped. It set me free, a little. When she pulls colors from a photo it seems so perfect, so obvious, but only the human eye can process that information.

The message here was to trust my own eyes.

With this I think I can finally start to move forward with the fabric designs, little by little.  What’s more, it occurred to me, I really need to see more clearly the end use, what do I want to make with all this fabric? I sure don’t mind buying fabric just because it’s pretty, boy howdy, but I suspect the exercise of designing the end will help me better articulate my means (you realize of course I’m making this up as I go).

Also, it is Spring. Which means it’s skirt and dress sewing season, so I may veer off in that direction as well. One more week before I get my machine back. Fingers crossed.