I really can’t tell you just how much I love the recent arrival of Spring. Here, we’ve had 70 degree days (yes, multiple, consecutive!) and the warmth and light just wash away winter like nothing else can. The kids are out playing ALL day, coming in only to get more buckets of water (the hoses aren’t hooked up yet) and maybe a snack (if I remind them).  Mark and I, beside ourselves with wonder, wander the house trying to keep busy. Then we laugh a little, sit on the porch and read and talk and read. It’s amazing! The peace that has descended upon our home is a welcome change from the the panic and anxiety of the past….too many years…

The kids were off from school on Friday and we had flower seeds we wanted to get started! It’s not exactly a sentiment garden, but it goes something like this:

Poppies: “Poppies will put them to sleep!” followed by maniacal laughter from Ellen

Sunflowers: “We want flowers that will be taller than Mom!” I’m 5’4″, not a huge challenge.

Purple Coneflowers: “Mom loves purple.” I said that.

Purple Blazing Star: “Mom loves purple.” again

Globe amaranth: “We collected the seeds last fall, we can’t just not plant them.” again, I also said that.

No, I haven’t gotten anything done this week. I am in full day dream mode. Here, look at this pinterest board I put together.  I wanted to start a board of things that are me, on the inside. I started with all of my favorites on Etsy, and when an idea pops into my head I search around to see what I can find. Like today I realized that I want to live in a “villa” but I didn’t know what that meant, technically. So I found a great photo that explains exactly what I’m talking about….that’s why it’s called “dreaming.”

This week should be a little more productive, I hope. If I’m lucky I’ll get my sewing machine back and can make myself some skirts, but I need to draft the patterns first! And, right after I post this I’m going to sit down, watch more of Downton Abbey and knit.

I might have a cupcake first.