My attempts to get a little focused weren’t entirely unsuccessful. I did manage to make headway on my skirt pattern, the muslin is all ready to be sewn together. I think I’m going to go without pockets and make myself some more little aprons so I can have pockets when I need them. I am also going to attempt a bias binding for the waist band and see how that goes. Just as soon as I get my sewing machine back. I may have to look into getting a back up machine. Apparently my Mom has a number of “extra” machines floating around her house. If she didn’t live 2,000,000 miles away I would be borrowing one right now.

But instead I started planning another quilt! 1-DSC_0568

I posted this photo on FB so it’s not entirely new, and I have a few piecing issues to sort out…and a sewing machine, I need a sewing machine.  Obviously it is also garden themed. 😉

For the rest of the week I will be waiting for a call from the sewing machine shop. I’m not going to accomplish anything. Maybe I’ll spend some of my free time taking pictures.  You can find me on Pinterest if you need me! Happy Wednesday.