Two things: First a rant, then some sewing.

A Rant on the Computerized Sewing Machine.

My Bernina was a gift. A very generous and much appreciated gift.  It’s a Bernina. My Mom has one. Hers is from the early 1970’s. Hers still works. I could buy a used one, like my Mom’s, and still pay $400-$500 for it. Because they still work. Hers does not have a computer. Hers is made of metal.

My Bernina is about 6 years old (no photo could be found on the Bernina website). My Bernina has a motherboard. My Bernina is nearly identical to my Mom’s, only I have buttons to press, she has knobs and dials. Mine has plastic parts. Mine cost more than my Mother’s yet I could not pay someone to take it. Mine does not work. The motherboard is shot. That repair alone is estimated to cost about $500. 

Now, I understand that we consumers generally have to cope with planned obsolescence. Whether we like it or not. And that computers are a part of life. Whether we like it or not. But I’m drawing a line in the sand here. When I can still purchase a sewing machine made 100 years ago and it still works, it still sews fabric together at a rate comparable to modern machines, why would I bother with planned obsolescence? I have therefore decided, as much as I like my pretty new Bernina, I like sewing more and I do not like being forced to pay ungodly amounts of money every few years to greedy sewing machine companies. Poop on them.

My Mommy is sending me a loaner (a machine intended for my older sister. Nikki, I promise to fix it up and send it to you once I replace my machine!), and I’m going to learn how to repair sewing machines myself and find a great, sturdy, metal, mechanical machine.

I’m gettin’ off the grid ladies!

As far as sewing machines are concerned. When my laptop breaks I’ll just….have to call you all more often!

Okay, I did manage to move forward a little this week.

Twinkle Twinkle Little French Knots…

My First Book!
I’ve been dying to get this project going. I plan to make little fabric covered books, but I’ve gone ahead and started with a paper covered one. Following along with the instructions for a sewn butterfly book from “The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books” by Gabrielle Fox I was able to put this little guy together with some half used printer paper, embroidery floss and a long forgotten piece of Yuzen paper. This was just for practice, I have more to come! 😉
1-DSC_0633And the muslin for my skirt is mostly done….

This week, really, I’m going to spend some time on fabric design. And sewing machine repair. And mountain biking.

Happy Sunday!

ps. And Another Thing! On the computerization of our mechanical “necessities,” apparently if our newish car (which we love) runs out of gas the computer will break and it will have to be towed to the dealer. I think that is stupid. Maybe I’ll be fixing cars next.